Nationalism, Internationalism and Racism

Lesson 1: Nationalism and Internationalism

In this first lesson, students consider what it means to have a 'national identity' and the opportunities and challenges this creates in an international school.

I anticipated originally that this would only last 30 minutes, but with discussion and debate it actually took the full 60 minutes.

Nationalism and Internationalism: Online presentation and tasks

Lesson 2: Migration and Racism

In this second lesson, students consider the differences between refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants. We then conducted a "De Bono 6-Hat Debate" in which students carefully considered one of a number of propositions starting with the premise "Imagine a world where....".

Migration and Racism: Online presentation and tasks

Lesson 3: Statues, Racism and "Black Lives Matter"

At this point, students could move on to consider the debate about controversial statues which reached a fever pitch in the Summer of 2020 after the murder of George Floyd.

Statues and History: Workpack and External Links